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Working the Business
Teaching & Training

This proverb describes how the profession of Network Marketing works!


"If you give a person a fish you feed them for a day,

if you teach a person to fish you feed them for their whole life."


On the first 4 pages of this website my goal was to teach you the basic concepts of Network Marketing and give you a good understanding of how the Network Marketing concept works.

  To work as a Network Marketing professional you will have to have a good understanding of how the company's are designed to allow us to work for them as self employed independent contractors.

We live in the information age!

We use education based Marketing to show people how it works.

The Network Marketing profession is based on providing people with good information by educating them about the industry and the profession.

The fact is that most people have never heard of the Network Marketing profession and have never met a true Network Marketing professional.

 To work in this industry you have to become a brand representative for at least one company in the industry. My primary company is Global Domains International.

When we work for a company as a brand representative our goal is to teach people about the company. This includes teaching people about their products and services including their compensation plan. We want to show people how it all works and show them how becoming a brand representative can make their own life better.

Working as a brand representative is a lot different than working at a regular job, we don't get paid by the hour or a salary and we don't become an employee of the company. We work as a self employed independent contractor to earn a monthly commission based income that comes from the monthly purchases of the people we teach about the company. If done right this monthly income can grow to be what ever you want it to become.

The first step is to become a happy loyal customer and then take the time to try out the products and services the company has. This is what I did, I became a customer of Global Domains International and started building the pages of this website. The website building tools are very easy to use, even for people who have never built a website before. A website is a powerful tool and can be used in a lot of different ways. As you can see I am using my website to teach people how Network Marketing works.

The second step is to make sure you completely understand the compensation plan. Global Domains International has designed their compensation plan using math we have all learned by the 6th grade. This is important because we want to work for a company with a simple compensation plan that is easy to understand. The Global Domains International compensation plan is also easy to explain to people who have never looked at a multilevel compensation plan before. 

Business Networking is people working together to achieve a common goal.

The common goal we have in Network Marketing is to develop a life time monthly income for everyone involved in the Business Networking group.

I have used the terms business networking group and business networking partners several times on the pages of this web site. If you have never heard of business networking before we want you to learn how it works and applies to developing a life time monthly income in this industry.

Working in the Network Marketing industry is a lot like joining a club because we want people to feel like they are part of a community who cares about them and wants them to achieve a large monthly income.

What we are trying to build is a social network of like minded people who work together.

We don't go out looking for customers, we are looking for   Business Networking Partners!

The first step to building a business networking group is to find that first business networking partner.

What your looking for in a business networking partner is someone who has a desire to learn how to develop a large monthly commission based income.

One of the most important things a person needs to be able to do to be a good business partner is to be able to have an intelligent conversation with other people.

Another quality a business partner needs to have is the ability to care about other people. Caring about other people is very important when starting a business.

You only need 3 to 4 Business Networking Partners!

One of the best things about owning a Network Marketing business is you don't have to find a lot of business partners to make the system work for you. All you will need is 3 business partners if you have took the time to learn how the system works when you work it the right way. On the previous pages of this web site I have provided all of the right education for you to use to work your business the right way.

It is very important to provide your business partners with the support they will need as they go out and start looking for their own business networking partners. I personally think a web site is the right tool for this because you can take the information you have learned here at my web site and use it to build your own web site. By doing this you can take what you have learned here and use it to give the support needed to your own business partners and this process of continued learning, training and support will go from one person to the next with relative ease. The process is pretty simple if you do it right and learn to use the knowledge I have provide on each page of this web site.

Getting started the right way!

When a person first starts out working in the Network Marketing industry it can be hard to get things moving. That is why owning a web site is the right tool to use to make sure people take you seriously. You need a place to put all of your information that people can visit on their own terms in the comfort of their own home at their own convenience. This is very important because if you are giving out business cards they will know where to find your information and even if they don't need to earn more money for their self they most likely know people who do. We want to find as many people who need to earn more money as we can because these are the people who we can help. You can survey people by asking them if they are happy with their current monthly income and if they say no just invite them to visit your web site. If you don't have a web site that will teach them how to develop a life time monthly income you can send them to my web site. Even if they say yes they are happy with their monthly income they probably know people who are not so they can refer people to my web site or yours if you have become a teacher of the Income For Life program.

Look for people who can benefit from learning the profession of marketing and advertising.

There are millions of American's out there working jobs they hate, these people could benefit by learning the profession of Network Marketing.

There are a lot of American's working for very low hourly wages, these people could benefit by learning the profession of Network Marketing.

There are a lot of American's working more than one part time job and struggling to make ends meet, these people could benefit by learning the profession of Network Marketing.

Marketing and advertising is an honest profession if you learn to do it the right way.

This type of work can be very rewarding if you like helping people.

When I first learned about Network Marketing I was looking for a way to make more money in my spare time. I know there are a lot of people who are out there who need more monthly income because I am one of them. I see Network Marketing as a way to help myself by helping other people. When I found Global Domains International I was amazed at how simple Network Marketing can be with the right company. They provide the right tools at the right price. I realized I could go out and teach people how to start and run their own business in their spare time and it would only cost them 10 dollars a month to get started. Once you get going and your monthly check is more than 10 dollars a month you have a profitable business. As your monthly profits grow you can see how your life will get better and better. Network Marketing is a great concept and Global Domains International is an awesome company.

I am very happy that someone came along and told me about Network Marketing and showed me how it works.

The people that you teach will feel the same way. Teaching people how to develop a life time monthly commission based income is an awesome way to help your self by helping other people.

One of the best things about Network Marketing is there are no boss's, managers or supervisor's.

Everyone is an equal in the Network Marketing profession, we are our own boss's, managers and supervisor's.

When you work as an independent contractor you are your own boss. We want to teach you how to be your own boss and work as an independent contractor. That is why Networking as Partners is important.

Starting your own business and being your own boss can be scary but it can also be a lot of fun and can be done in your spare time if you do it the right way!

Now let's see if you can get a good mental picture of this process of Referral Marketing!

We will use a tool provided by Global Domains International called the income calculator and some images of people I found on the internet. 

Global Domains International is designed using a 5 level compensation plan, on the calculator they use the word layer instead of level but it means the same thing.

On the business model page I explained to you how the first level is the only work you have to do yourself. The people that become your layer 1 on the calculator are the people you find to be your Business Networking Partners.

Enter the number 3 in the calculator where it says Direct Referrals. Now enter the number 3 in the other box to show how your income will grow as this process of referral marketing continues all the way down to layer 5, then click the = button.

This whole process is really very simple when you mentally grasp it, as you can see we are not asking people to do a lot of work all by their self. This business model is designed around everybody just doing a little work to help the company grow.

The work you do by finding and training your Business Networking Partners which become your layer 1 on the calculator gives you the right to earn all the commissions from layers 2 - 5.

As the layer's 2 - 5 starts to grow and your income starts to grow you will end up having a large business team of Network Marketing professionals all working to achieve the income goals they want to achieve. This is good honest work that will help lots of people who are in need of earning more income.